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This year’s AGM and election for members of the Management Committee highlighted the need to update the club’s Rules of Association (Rules). The inconsistency, lack of clarity and internal contradiction of the Rules was repeatedly a problem. Those attending the AGM resolved that the Management Committee should urgently undertake the task of upgrading the Rules.

It is important that our Rules accurately reflect how the DDCC is governed and are up-to-date with any changes to the law. It is not helpful to have rules that no one looks at or follows, or that few can understand, or that are out of date and inconsistent with the law. They should be kept simple and reflect the organisation of the DDCC and its values, aspirations, identity and purposes.

The rules of DDCC are a collection of written articles which should specify:

  • the aims or objects of the organisation;
  • how the members of the organisation are admitted;
  • the rights and obligations of members;
  • how the office-bearers and members of the governing body are elected or appointed;
  • how general meetings of members and meetings of the governing Management Committee body are convened and conducted;
  • how the organisation is, in broad terms, to be governed; and
  • what will happen to the organisation’s assets if it is wound up.

The proposed changes can be viewed here

The proposed changes and additions to the Rules are highlighted in yellow throughout the attached document. The proposal being presented to you was endorsed at the Management Committee meeting on the 20th December 2019.

At the top of each highlighted yellow section there are bolded instructions as to what is the intended action for the highlighted yellow words; to be added, deleted, or to add a new clause.

To attempt to streamline the process and maximise members understanding of the proposed changes the Management Committee is proposing to have an informal meeting with interested members on Sunday January 19th at 3PM where the proposed changes will be discussed and explained.

Members can of course suggest new rules or comment on the proposed rule changes. We are looking have your feedback prior to the Special General Meeting to address this matter.

John Halden



Non-members are welcome to use any of the facilities at the Dunsborough Country Club, including the clubhouse, restaurant, tennis court and all sports facilities.  Hire fees can be paid at the time of booking.


With great benefits for regular users of the club, our memberships are easy to sign up and give you access to;

  • Weekly newsletters with What’s On at the Club
  • Discounted use of sport facilities
  • Ability to vote at the AGM
  • Serve on Committees
  • Win the Friday Jackpot draw
  • Discounted tickets at some events
  • Discounted club hire for private functions




Sign up for an Ordinary Membership for annual fee of $60. prorated to $35.00 (AUD)
Subscription period: 1 year, on: July 1st


Choose the sports option you wish to participate in and pay the respective fees.
(if you wish to play more than one sport, then the total fee will be capped at $200 – choose the ‘ADULT SPORT OPTIONS CAPPED’ option when signing up)

BOWLS – $180 (incl. Bowls WA capitation)

CROQUET – $180 (incl. Croquet West affiliation)

CYCLE – $20

GOLF – $180 (does not incl. affiliation)


  • Organized Play -$180 (incl. Tennis West affiliation)
  • Casual Play-$50 (does not incl. Tennis West affiliation)




Juniors do not pay an Ordinary Fee.
Choose the sport option you wish to participate in and pay the respective fees.
(if you wish to play more than one sport, then the total fee will be capped at $40 – choose the ‘JUNIOR SPORT OPTIONS CAPPED’ option when signing up)


CYCLE – $20

GOLF – $20

TENNIS – $25

Please direct any questions you may have to our membership coordinator Nicky Roberts at She’ll be happy to help.