Friday Night Dinner 


Friday night meals are available between 5.30pm & 8.00pm.  Tapas is available Saturday & Sunday 4.30pm to 7.30pm.  Please book your table.

Friday Night Menu

Fish curry.  Tangy curry of hapuka, tamarind, vegetables & spices.  $22
Eggplant parmigianna, tomato, basil, cheese & eggplant baked together.  Tomato, olive & basil salad.  $20
Lamb shanks.  Slow braised in red wine, earthy herbs & tomato with mashed potato & lemon crumbs.  $22
Chicken maryland roast with leek & white wine sauce, mashed potato & brocolli.  $22
Apple crumble, ice cream & mulberry syrup.  $7


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