Friday Night Dinner 


Friday night meals are available between 5.30pm & 8.00pm.

Tapas is available Saturday and Sunday from 4.30pm.

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Friday Night Menu

22nd July 2016

Chef Hamish Mcleay

Freshest local fish, tartare sauce, coleslaw & hand cut fries. $22
Roast goat with pumpkin, potato & mild Indian flavours. $22
Crispy fried masterstock chicken.  Rice, bean shoot& aromate salad, plum sauce $22
Eggplant parmiganna.  Baked layers of tomato, eggplant, cheese & basil. $20
Kids fish n chips. $10

Black rice pudding cooked in coconut milk with grapefruit & sugared popcorn, ice cream.  $7


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