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Hello Members, Sponsors & Patrons

Weekend Meals

New Club chef Colin Lyttle is providing meals every Saturday and Sunday from 4.00pm.  Please get a group together, come along and show your support.  The meals have been very well received with great feedback.  As the weather improves a couple of drinks and a meal on the alfresco area.  Not a bad way to spend your afternoon.

An Afternoon with Wayne Pride 

Old Time Rock n Roll performer Wayne Pride will be performing at the Dunsborough & Districts Country Club on Sunday, 20th November 2016.  Tickets are $25 each and available from the bar.  The show begins at 2.45 pm – 5.00 pm.  Organise your friends and come along to a very entertaining fun filled afternoon.  Food will be available

Flyer and information is attached.


Membership Report for AGM Sunday 16th October 2016
In early 2015 the DDCC committee commenced reviewing the Membership
structure in an effort to make it more equitable, inclusive and attractive to all
existing and future Members. This meant many meetings and hours of
consultation with sections and the committee by the sub committee. Thank
you to all concerned in that process.
The outcome of this review was a structure where each Member must join as
an “Ordinary Member” first then if they wish to participate in a sport or sports
then they pay a set fee for each respective sport. If the total adult sports fee is
$200 or more then it is capped at $200. Juniors are capped at $40. Juniors
have no joining fee as such. This new structure commenced on the 1st of July
this year.
We also introduced a monthly Honorary Membership for people who holiday
in Dunsborough and wish to take part in sports, have a meal or drink at the
club, etc -so if you have family staying please contact me to orgainize a
membership or simply go online and do it for yourself. Easy!
With over 900 members for the 2015/2016 membership year it was necessary
to impliment an online programme called Wild Apricot-NO not Wild Orange or
Apple but yes -Apricot!! It was quite difficult finding a programme to fit our
club as there are many programmes for a single sport but nothing much to
take on 5 sports plus a social membership category. So with a bit of
manipulation Wild Apricot fitted us not perfectly but the best. The down side of
it is that it requires each person to have their own unique email address to
use as the username to login to their profiles. There has been some
resistence to supply extra email addresses which has made my job harder
and require more of my time to manually send invoices, record payments
entries, send printed receipts and so on. So I wish to thank all those people
who provided extra email addresses as they are now able to keep their own
records up to date and check their statements, when fees are due, up date
their email address if required, etc -have a look for yourself and have a play
to familiarize yourself with your profile- click on edit, privacy settings etc just
go to with your email address and password and have a
go it is quite easy and it is the way of the world these days!! Thank you to
those people who bravely took up my offer of help to show them how to go
online -you are all the wiser now for it-well done!!
All in all from my perspective Wild Apricot has made my job a lot easier and
will be even easier once June 30th 2017 comes and everybody will have had
one renewal of membership through it by then.
The Membership Cards this year have no date on them as all memberships
from now on will be due on July 1st each year. Anyone paying from now on
will pay a monthly prorated fee. New Members joining online will have this
done automatically by Wild Apricot. However those existing members who
pay fees from Nov 2016 through to June 30 2017 will get a prorated invoice
sent to them manually by me. So please ignore the initial automated invoice
from Wild Apricot on the 1st of the month before your fees are due. We have
dicovered that Wild Apricot will not prorate existing members only new
If you do not have your Membership Card as yet please see me today to pick
it up. Also the Bowler who paid $200 over the bar in July please let me know
who you are or I will just have to go shopping soon!!
So now -If you know someone who wishes to become a member and who
has a computer all they need to do now is go to and go to
“Join Us” or go to ‘’ and go to “Join Us”
Please get them to join online if possible as it is much easier for them and
myself as they set up their password when joining and can pay online. I do
not need to do a thing except present their Membershp request to the next
DDCC Meeting. This is Wild Apricot working to perfection!! There are joining
cards at the bar that you can give to anyone wishing to join.
One last little request-if you pay in cash or cheque or eft (over the bar) can
you please put your payment in an envelope (name on the envelope) and
post it through the gold letterbox-this your responsibility not Bruce’s or the
barstaff. Thank you!
I wish to sincerely thank Greg Banfield for all his hard work putting together
the final outcome of the new Membership structure. Great job Greg!
Thank you everyone!

Bowls News




Janice Paddick-Hoover

It was a full house on the greens last Saturday with both men’s pennant divisions hosting teams.

First Div had a great day with Ed Hoemberg’s team having a killing against Leith Bussell winning 43-8. Geoff  Benn’s team won 20-13 and Mike Brown had a good win 23-16.  The aggregate was 86-37 and six points on the board.

Second Div White recorded 3-1 points against Augusta with Norm Gage winning 23-18 after allowing a lead of 1-12 then fighting back hard.  Clive Williams once again had a battle royale and went down by two shots 13-15.

Blue played against MR also and the team lead by R Prentice won 27-11 whilst Bill Hitsert’s team went down 15-21 but the side got 3 points with the aggregate.

I was looking for the shot of the day.  Norm Gage put up his hand when Augusta was leading him by 11 points and held another 3.  Norm sent down his accurate rapid fire and took the jack back to take 4 shots.

But after discussion it was determined Ed Hoemberg.  Any shot by Edmund was shot of the day!!!

Kukerin :  Once again a couple of the teams went on their annual Kukerin safari.  Mike Brown took Merv Mott, Rod Winchombe and Ben Tas to come in runners-up.

“Hang on” said Edmund, “Ben was in my team, you had Kelly Allsop” he told Mike.  Well, it was a heavy safari!




This is a real treat for everyone.  Come along and watch some great games all day long and see the final of both the championship and the plate at the end of the day.

Come and support all the teams and stay afterwards for the presentation.  Take part in the excitement and stay for dinner.  Already quite a few have booked in for dinner with the players.  This is an unique opportunity to be part of something exciting, make plans, be there and book in for dinner.  This is H U G E everyone, be in it to witness it!



 What a huge disappointment this has been not to receive enough nominations for this event.  Take in mind everyone that there was good support from visitors, but not from our own members!

Not only does it give the Men’s Captain and the Match Committee concern, but frankly it is disrespectful to our two wonderful sponsors for the event.  We all know that nothing can occur without sponsors, but in this case it appears that nothing can occur despite having sponsors!

This is discourteous to the sponsors and embarrassing for our club!

Members – we need to get behind all mixed events.  This event has been postponed, so please when the nominations are called ensure you rush in and nominate a team.

I would like to say that mixed events are the greatest!!  What an opportunity to get to know everyone, have a great day, and get the club to become closer and closer.  Of course that is my own opinion – and what do I know!?



Dunsborough :-                Jean Kelly, Helen Reynolds, Megan Black, May Armstrong 5 points

  1. Dunsborough White :-Maureen Hines, Daisy Grist, Jem Coupar, Janice Hoover     1 point.


Dunsborough Blue:-        Gail Barry, Sue Chester, Sammy Berryman, Peg Howley       1 1/2 points

V Margaret River Green:-                                                                                               4 !/2 points.


There will be no pennants this week owing to the Melbourne cup being run.




96 players from 14 clubs took part in pleasant weather.

Many compliments were passed at the running of the event and the catering provided.

Thanks to all who contributed in any way, to make the event such a great success.

No teams won all their games and the results for 1st and 2nd were decided by shots up and

3rd and 4th were decided by ends won, with 7 teams being in the running for a place.

For the first time a team from the Leeuwin League was successful with the winners being

First :-       Lyn Colmer’s Margaret River team.

Second:-   Albany .

Third:-      Mosman Park.

Fourth:-    Beryl Payne’s Capel team.

lbc1 lbc2 lbc3 lbc4

Wednesday 2nd Nov. will be social bowls with a committee meeting to follow.

Friday Night Dinner 


Friday night meals are available between 6.00 pm & 7.00 pm.

Friday Night Menu

4th November 2016


            Beef Bourguignon with herb mash and seasonal vegetables

                           Chicken breast wrapped in pancetta served with creamed spinach

and sweetcorn polenta

                               Roast vegetable pasta bake with garden salad and chips                         


Pavlova with fresh cream strawberries and berry coulis

Cost for two courses

$25 per person

Please advise of any dietary requirements prior to Friday.


To book your table Click Here

Friday Night Jackpot


The Jackpot Draw on Friday night was not won. This Friday nights jackpot will be $700. Members must be financial and present to claim. The Jackpot is drawn between 5.30pm and 6.30pm in the Clubroom bar.

Keep Smiling!


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