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Happenings Around The Club 


We wish Bruce our wonderful Club Manager a speedy recovery after his knee operation and hope to see him back in the fold next week! Keep smiling and doing those exercises Bruce!!



Last week saw the bitumenising of the extra car parking area at the front of the Club. White lines will be marked to indicate parallel angle parking, however, please be aware that there are NOT any barricades in place at this time to prevent cars from nudging the limestone wall-so please be extra cautious when parking there until barricades are added. Thank you.



Wow! what a difference a garden and a bit of rain makes- even a few kangaroo paws blooming in the front garden (above) of the clubhouse!!

The gardens at the entrance of the clubhouse (below) are also looking fabulous!!


Something for everyone to think about!!!

October and the Club’s Annual General Meeting is approaching so it is time to think about nominating for a position on the Management Committee.

This year we have six (6) positions to fill therefore we would encourage all Members to consider nominating.  For each of the sporting sections it is important to nominate one of your members for a position so as to have a strong voice in the management as well as a representative for the interests of that sport.

The Club has an important social and community role within Dunsborough.    By becoming a member of the Management Committee one can:

  • contribute to enhancing this service,
  • put your ideas on the table about the running of our Club,
  • hear firsthand what the other sections are planning and contribute your thoughts,
  • get satisfaction from progress and good outcomes, and
  • of course feeling more involved generally.

As always, volunteering in any worthwhile cause gives personal satisfaction to those involved.

Our Club holds a very important place in this community and to all our members.  It needs to be managed in a very professional manner by a cross section of members. Also, a healthy situation exists when these Committee members change over on a regular basis to maintain fresh ideas and energy.

The last two years has seen many new projects put in place, new Bowling Greens, new Tennis courts, upgrade of our Golf course, improvements to the Bike skills course, Croquet is booming, new membership options, new outdoor furniture, the Point of Sale system to better manage the Bar and recently the new Reward Card. Our Club sponsorship is also expanding with a number of new sponsors coming on board.

We envisage the future being as progressive, rewarding and exciting for the Club.  New ideas and energy are very important in achieving this vibrancy.

Please give strong consideration to nominating.  Nomination will be called for during August.

Kaye L McCormick



Save this Date:  October 22nd  KEITH POTGER returns

Save this date: August 24th- 27th CINEFEST at the DDCC – a free Community event


A quick reminder that if you have NOT paid your Membership then to remain
a participant in the Friday night jackpot draw you need to have paid by the 31st of
July- this date is the deadline for inclusion in the draw.
If for some reason Members do not wish to renew their Membership could
they please send me an email to let me know so I can remove them from the

Many Thanks
Vicki Frost


VOLUNTEERS- are the reason our club ticks along so well. This week we would like to thank all the scribes from all sections of the Club who volunteer their time to write and send/give their account of what is happening in each section. This takes time and effort to do and is very much appreciated by all the Members.






Mixed Tuesday Bowls August 1st

We had another very enjoyable and fun day of bowls with 24 players coming to be part of it all.

Martin Osborn and Maureen Hines played very consistently all day to reach the final along with Wendell Hoover and Peter Willcocks.

The 4 ends of the final were played at a very high standard with no one able to get the points so ended in a draw.

Well done to the 4 of you and hope to see everyone again next Tuesday.



The croquet section have had the trees trimmed on B court allowing more sunlight to filter through to the grass. Our sign sponsor A-Cut completed the project for the croquet club.




Newsletter   Men’s Golf Section    1 August, 2017      (Ron Carmody –Capt)

Last Saturday’s  Stableford Event was well supported despite several showers  and saw some good scores returned.

Runaway Winner was Clive Williams with a score of 41 points.

Runnerup was Barry Jackson with a score of 33.

Doug Gilchrist again won the longest putt on No 18.

For all the players the event was a good warm up for  Round 3 of the Stroke Championship  which will be played  next Saturday 5 August.

Names in by 11.45 am for this event.

Jim Holroyd of Jim’s First  has generously provided a set of Gift Vouchers for some coming events as an extra incentive  for place getters.

Appreciation  and thanks to Jim –for this gesture.

Coming Events

Wednesday  2 August   -Scroungers    

Saturday   5   August         Round 3 Stroke Championship Round

Wednesday  23 August      DDCC Hosts SW Vets Comp 

    With  100 plus golfers expected  for this event from all over the

    South West  we must now move into top gear to get the course etc

    to its best – so all hands on deck and mark it in your diary.

Course Maintenance Jobs  (Current)

  1. Burning of Stockpiles -Still awaiting the right conditions
  2. Trimming of overhanging Fairway trees and limbs – Hopefully soon
  3. Remarking Fairway Boundary Lines – Thanks to Barry Jackson & Barry Guest for the good job done despite the weather.
  4. Raking and removal of  fairway debris from recent storms –


There’s always something to do on the course –Volunteers always Welcome

Good Golfing!   

Ron Carmody  .  

Apologies to Ron Carmody as I neglected putting ALL of his notes in the Newsletter last week.

I have re printed them below. Apologies Ron from Vicki.

Newsletter   Men’s Golf Section    25th July 2017  (Ron Carmody –Capt)


Saturday 22 July  2017

The Open Day for 2017 saw good weather and good golf as the team scores indicate with only a margin of 4 points between  the teams .

We wish to thank our Sponsors, 

  • Club Patron Barry House for starting off the Event and joining us again for the Presentations as  a Sponsor
  • Libby Mettam (MLA)  for participating in the Presentations also as a Sponsor
  • BP Fuels Dunsborough for their Sponsorship once again

Special Thanks to all  Members, the Ladies  who assisted with catering, course preparation volunteers, Ian Potts for  organisation of  paperwork  etc and to all who  were able to participate in the day.  We had several apologies  also from Members  who were away and wished us well for the day.

A good Open Day Event for 2017.   Thank you one and All.

Ron Carmody   (Men’s Captain) 


Best Nett     Team        64  1/4                   Sponsor –   Barry  House  Club Patron

Doug MacPherson- Aviva Gordon-Barry House Club Patron Sponsor –Mike Allwood- John Stanton                 

2 nd  Nett            Team      64 1/2     Sponsor   Libby Mettam   MLA

 Alf Zinnecker – Jan Johnston-Libby Mettam – Steve Reynolds-Neil Johnson

 3rd Nett                Team    65  1/8       Sponsor  BP Fuels   – Barry House

Lorraine Lewis-Mal Williamson-Barry House-Jem Coupar- Barry Guest                          

Best Gross      77         Sponsor     DDCC

Vicki Frost-Wayne Barnett-Libby Mettam-Deb Barnett- Dennis Frost

 NTP     Par 3                                              Longest Putt on Green


  1. Doug Gilchrist                                         2.    Ken Littlefair
  2. Ed Bunbury                                              7.    Ron Carmody
  3. Joan Embry                                              9.    Ron Carmody
  4. Gay Growden                                         12. May Armstrong
  5. Jem Coupar                                            16. Vicki Frost

Team Scores

Team 1           D.MacPherson – A.Gordon- M.Allwood- J.Stanton    Nett  64 ¼

Team 2           A.Zinnecker- J.Johnston-S.Reynolds-N.Johnston                 64 1/2

Team 3           B.Guest- M.Williamson – J.Coupar – L.Lewis                      65 1/8

Team 4          K.Littlefair – E.Littlefair- M.Wilkinson – H.Wilkinson        65 ¼

Team 5          D. Frost – V.Frost – W.Barnett – D. Barnett                         66 5/8

Team 6          D.Gilchrist – J.Embry – E.Bunbury – J.Bastion                     67

Team 7         R.Carmody- D.Carmody – M. Armstrong – J. Parry                68

Team 8          I.Potts – G.Growden – J.Winter- S. Batchelor                       68 1/4


 Event Sponsorship

The Men’s Golf Section would like to  thank  Jim Holroyd  trading as 

“Jims First  -Hardware   Dunsborough “,  for making several Gift Vouchers available as Sponsorship for some  coming events in our Fixtures.

This valued sponsorship is much appreciated.  Thanks Jim.

Call in and see Jim at his business  at any time.

Ron Carmody  (Captain)



8 ladies played a stableford.

Winner was Sue Hart 19 points on a countback from May Armstrong 21, minus 2 for previous wins.

Sue was delighted as this is her first stableford win. Well done.


As the weather looked threatening and some are away on holidays, only 4 people turned up, so there was no play.

Don’t forget next Thursday 3rd Aug will be stroke and putting, Silver Spoon and the last chance to have 3 rounds

to qualifly for the Championships.


Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.




Friday night meals are available between 6.00 pm & 7.30 pm.

Friday Night Menu

4th August 2017


Fish and chips with garden salad and tartar sauce

Lamb tagine  served with chef’s sweet carrots and savoury couscous

Chicken schnitzel topped with spinach, bacon and cheese, and served with chips and garden salad

Potato gnocchi with seasonal vegetables in a creamy white wine sauce



     Cost for two courses

$25 per person

Please advise of any dietary requirements prior to Friday.


To book your table Click Here

Friday Night Jackpot


The $700 Jackpot Draw on Friday night was won by Wendy Collins -congrats Wendy!  The Jackpot will be $100 this week.  Members must be financial for the 2017/18 membership year now and present to claim. The Jackpot is drawn between 5.30pm and 6.30pm in the Clubroom bar.

Keep Smiling!


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