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Hello Members, Sponsors & Patron

MEMBERSHIP- At the March meeting of the DDCC Management Committee the fees and subscriptions for 2016/17 were set.  These apply from July 1, 2016.

The list of fees and subscriptions are as follows:

            Ordinary Member fee $50
            Ordinary Member Subscriptions:

To subscribe to play any of the following sports, under that sections rules, she/he must be an Ordinary Member of the Dunsborough and Districts Country Club Inc.   Please enquire at The Club or refer to the sections webpage to get information on the benefits and rules related to joining each of the sections.

Bowls section $150
Croquet section $125
Cycling section $20
Golf section $180
Tennis section   –       Organised Play

–       Casual Play



All Sports $200
Junior Subscriptions:

Juniors (<18 on 1 July) does not pay an Ordinary Member fee.

Croquet $20
Cycling $10
Golf $20
Tennis $20
All sports $40
Honorary Member subscription  
All Sports monthly fee, non voting, maximum period of 3 months in any financial year, cannot play in any of the championship events. Permanently lives not less than 50 kms away from Dunsborough. $30 per month Adult

$10 per month Junior


This information will be put into the Club website and also the information page for your sporting section in the membership programme in the near future.

Change to membership timing:

Fees and subscriptions all now fall due on the 1st day of July.  Membership fees are prorated monthly after 3 months into the new membership year ie. A new member will pay 75% of the fees and subscriptions on the 1st of October, 66% on the 1st of November etc.  Their annual fee will then fall due on 1 July of the following year.  Persons whose membership runs into the new membership calendar will be invoiced a prorated fee and subscription to bring their membership up till the 30th of June 2017 and then begin the 2017/18 year.


We are in the midst of setting up the new online Membership Programme which is called Wild Apricot. The programme will definitely lessen the amount of work required in keeping up with Membership renewals, registration of new members and payments of accounts for the large amount of members we now have at the DDCC.

However, to get the programme up and running we need a little bit of help from everyone who has a computer. If you do not have a computer I will still send your renewals out as before by mail post.

If you have a computer please read below:-

  1. EVERYONE MUST HAVE A UNIQUE EMAIL ADDRESS as this programme uses your email address as your username and EVERYONE (including juniors ) MUST have an email that only they can use! If these emails are already set up in your family could you please email me the emails and who will use which email asap.
  2. If you don’t have unique emails to use it has been suggested that a gmail email is an easy one to set up.
  3. To set up a gmail email account – Put in your search bar then find a site listed that includes ‘sign up for gmail’ or ‘create your gmail account’- click on and open site and follow the instructions on the page. Repeat for each member that requires an email for Wild Apricot. Then could you please email them to me so I can put them into the programme.
  4. We will then gradually activate each membership and Wild Apricot will automatically send each member an email to their unique email address. On receipt of the email please read it carefully and click on the link and it will take you to the programme where it will ask you to put your password in. As you don’t know your password – go to ‘forgotten password’ at the bottom of the page and click on it and follow what it says (It will send you an email to reset your password).
  5. Once this has been done you will be able to go in and look at your profile and edit it by clicking on ‘edit profile’ – then you can update your address, phone number, etc. This will now be your responsibility! Please do not worry about Proposer 1 and Proposer 2 -leave them blank. Group Participation– please tick ‘Ordinary’ and any other sport that you will definitely participate in-do NOT tick all the boxes please as this is info that will be used by the sections so they will be able to contact their members only- eg all tennis players or all bowlers etc. Only tick what you will participate in!! Adult Sport Options -if you are participating in sports that will add up to less than $200 in total then tick this section for yourself. Use Adult Sport Options Capped if your sports will total more than $200- you still need to tick each sport you will participate in even though they have no charge next to them but you must also tick ‘Selected Sports Total’. Adults will not pay a total of more than $250 ( including ‘Ordinary fee of $50). The same applies to Junior Sport Options but the capped junior fee is for participation in 2 or more sports (so juniors will pay a maximum of $40 to play all sports). When editting is complete you must click ‘SAVE’ or you will lose all your changes!!!
  6. Thank you for your time and if you have any problems or questions please contact me or 0428649810 -Vicki Frost
  7. People who are having problems with setting up a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc email, I will be at the club from about 3.30pm onwards on Thursdays for the next few weeks and I will help you set the gmail accounts up on the club computer-it will take about 10 mins to do!!

Tickets still available!!
*Support the DDCC and the Golf Section*
Get a syndicate of 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 people together for a bit of fun or buy a ticket just for yourself!
Only 17 days to go until the first draw
Contact any Golf Member or Vicki Frost for your lucky ticket.
There are 8 Regular draws and 1 Final draw.
19 prizes to win!!
Draws between May & September.
Only 100 tickets at $100 per ticket.
Better odds than LOTTO!!

 Clubs WA Award Submissions for 2016

The Club has recently submitted six (6) Award Nominations to Clubs WA for the following categories.

Best Club Chef’s Competition.
Best Product Supplier of the Year (CUB)
Volunteer Contribution (Greg Banfield)
Volunteer Contribution (Raelene Willis)
Best Club Function Facility Award (Medium)
Club of the Year Award (Medium)
The Club has also entered for the Members Choice Award.
This Award allows Members to submit to Clubs WA a statement in 50 words or less to tell them, “My Club is the best because:”

Four entries have already been submitted and in the last 4 years, the Club was in the Final nomination list. This year could be when a submission by a member of this Club could be the best submission.

So let’s all think and write down in 50 words or less “My Club is the best because_____________”

A form has been attached and can be sent direct to Clubs WA by Fax, e-mail or by Post, to the addresses indicated on the form.
Alternatively you can return your completed form to Ian Potts who will arrange for it to get to Clubs WA

Nominations must be submitted to reach Clubs WA by 5 pm on May 16 2016.

Ian Potts.


Dunsborough Country Club



 WEDNESDAY 4th MAY @ 11.30 A.M



RING 97553315, 97523512 Or D.D.C.C. 97553250


Bowls News



Trevors Carpet Carnival
Last weekend saw the running of the Trevors Carpet two-day carnival with a full complement of 28 teams from many clubs participating.
The event was a huge success thanks to the effort of so many of our members.

The lunch catering was excellent thanks to the massive effort of Pam Brown & her team. Estelle & Lindsay Perry excelled in preparing hamburgers for Saturday evening & afternoon tea on Sunday was thanks to Gay Gibb & her team.
Also helping with the catering were members who provided the workforce for kitchen duties and the collection of the food needed to feed the masses.

Many others assisted with Greens preparation, staffing both the inside & outside bars, running raffles and directing parking.
Janice Hoover did an excellent job in Public Relations with her very creative invitations and posters and photographic and media covering of the occasion.

To all these members who gave so generously of their time and effort leading up to and during the two-day event our thanks are extended. I add my personal thanks for your support.

I also extend a special thanks to Kevin Gibb, Ian Creagh and Wendell Hoover for their outstanding effort in helping plan & prepare for this event and supervise its successful operation.

There is no doubt that the “Superman” of the occasion was our Club Manager, Bruce Taylor who was involved in so many elements of the preparation and provision of necessary services. Not only did he have a great responsibility for the Bowls carnival but was also involved in the massive bike event held on the same weekend. Thanks Bruce from us all!

Indicative of the success of the Trevors Carpet Carnival was the Sponsor, Ray Green’s very generous offer that, after 15 years already of supporting this event, to continue his and Maureen’s sponsorship – with the additional remark to “make it even bigger and better next year”.
Our Club is indeed indebted to Ray & Maureen & it is always a pleasure to have them present at this event. His great sense of humour was very apparent in his remarks prior to the presentation of prizes when he had the audience in fits of laughter as he explained his transition from non-bowler to bowler.

Trevor's Carpets sponsor Ray Green

Trevor’s Carpets sponsor Ray Green


Men’s Bowls Captain Rob Pollard


Winning team from Busselton Peter Fancote, Wally Dawson, Graeme Evans & Matt Pennington


The Annual General Meeting of the Men’s Bowls will be held this Thursday morning, 21st April.
Your attendance would be greatly appreciated.

At the recent Advanced Hearing Mixed Fours event held at Cowaramup, a Dunsborough team of Janice & Wendell Hoover, Garry Robinson & Kevin Nichols excelled to win the event from Smiler’s Margaret River team. Great effort team.

Don’t forget Mickey Mouse Bowls on Tuesday (12.30pm for 1.00pm), Thursday Men’s social bowls (12.30pm for 12.45pm) & Saturday Cash Pairs (12.00pm for 12.30pm).
Rob Pollard
The final stage of our current landscaping project – the planting – will take place this Wednesday, 20th April, commencing at 1.30pm. Please bring a spade AND a bucket. Gloves and a hand trowel would also be handy.

We welcome both men & women. It won’t be heavy going as most of the area has already been dug up so planting should not be difficult.

You need only dig a small hole, take away the dirt and replace it with a plant & some soil enhancement compost (hence the need for a bucket) and water. Easy!!

If we have enough helpers it should only take an hour or so.

We’ve had two great busy bees so far & let’s make the final one successful also. I understand some of the “regulars” do have to work that day & some will be playing golf.

See you there

Rob Pollard
Project Coordinator



Golf News


Dunsborough & Districts Country Club
 Men’s Golf Section       Newsletter        19 April, 2016    (Ron Carmody)

Our DDCC Golf Course took on a whole new look this past weekend  with the staging of the DDCC Cycle Section  Major Event    –    X –Adventure  Triathlon.

Fairways 9,10,11,17 formed the centre stage for the two day event which saw upwards of 2500 plus competitors and spectators of all ages enjoy and participate in the event  program  which catered for all ages and abilities.

 Our Fairways, 1 and 18, were used as parking for several hundred vehicles on each day. 

Special thanks go to our  group of volunteers: 

(Barry Jackson, Brian Morris, Ron and Dot Carmody , Barry Guest, Terry Sanbrook, Doug MacPherson  and Terry  (Tennis) and Anthony (Cycle ) who formed a very smooth and  well coordinated team  .

 x1  x3      x2  x4                              

      Part of  the team effort over the weekend  .       

Golf  This Week

Wednesday  12.00 pm        18 Holes   Scroungers

Golf commences  at 12.00 noon

Names to be in by 11.45 am  so we can Hit Off at 12.00.

 Fixture Book 2016   is now  available for pick  up at the Golf Office on  Wed /Sat

 Sponsors : Saturday Games 

There are still dates available for any Member who would like to

Sponsor a Saturday Golf Event during this season as per last year. 

Would you please advise Ron so that a list can be compiled for the season.       

Thanks to those who have already done so.

 April Fixtures are

Wednesday –  20     DDCC Scroungers

Saturday          23   Memorial Day   2 Man Ambrose   (Sponsor Jim Parry)

Monday            25     ANZAC DAY   Open Mixed 10 Hole Event   Stbd  

                                      (Some Novelties included in this game )

                                      1.00 pm  Names In    –   Hit off just  after Luncheon

 Tuesday          26    Vets Golf     Dunsborough Lakes

Wednesday    27    Scroungers

Saturday         30    Par  4BBB  

 Last Week’s  Results 

Wednesday   Stbd      Winner   – Barry Guest  37           Runner Up   –  Peter Jordan 36

 The course is shaping up well and with the several  light showers green growth is coming through.

 Another  morning  Busy Bee  will be called for soon  – will keep you informed.

 Good golfing to All    –  Ron Carmody

 Adult & Junior Golf Coaching
The adult golf coaching commenced last Sunday, with Steve Dartnall, and from all reports it was a very successful session. All adults wishing to join the group this week Sunday 24th April at 10am please let me know by Friday evening. Cost is $20 per person.
This week if there are any juniors who wish to have coaching it will be at 11am Sunday 24th of April meeting at the clubhouse. The cost for an hour of coaching is $10 and could all juniors who wish to participate please contact Vicki Frost before Friday evening on or 0428649810. Please leave a contact number with your name.
Unfortunately Steve is unavailable for coaching Sunday 1st of May.
Thank You.
Vicki Frost


DCC logo

Re X Adventure volunteers- we had a terrific event over the weekend with Dunsborough locals winning many of their divisions. Short, long and kid’s courses were well attended with beaming smiles all round, and a few scrapes and bruises!

A huge thanks from John Jacoby, Rapid Ascent, and Dunsborough Cycle Club, goes out to all the volunteers who put in many hours of effort. Without this support, the event could not proceed. Special thanks to the great golf guys and ladies for transporting people around in their golf carts, and putting in long hours parking vehicles.


Helen Baker


Friday Night Dinner 


Friday night meals are available between 5.30pm & 8.00pm.  Tapas is available Saturday & Sunday 4.30pm to 7.30pm.  Please book your table.

Friday Night Menu

22nd April 2016

Chef Hamish Mcleay

Battered harpuka, tartare sauce, hand cut chips & coleslaw.  $22
Chicken yellow curry with rice & aromatic herbs.  $22
Lamb slow roast with garlic & rosemary, potato, parsnip puree & brocolli.  $22
Tempeh & bean buritto with corriander & lettuce, yoghurt sauce.  $20
Chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream, stewed plum.  $7


To book your table Click Here

Friday Night Jackpot


The Jackpot Draw on Friday night was not claimed  Bill Hitsert was not present.  Bad luck Bill. The draw this Friday will be for $700. Members must be financial and present to claim.  The Jackpot is drawn between 5.30pm and 6.30pm in the Clubroom bar.

Keep Smiling!


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