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Please make yourselves familiar with our Partners. They are promoted around the bowling greens and croquet courts and on our TV screen. They make a significant contribution to our Club and we should give them the opportunity to win our business.

This week we wish to acknowledge some of our Partners in Dunsborough Rural, Jim’s First, Bozzy Blinds, Naturaliste Garage Doors, Cape Drycleaners and South West Gas.


Chef Colin Lyttle will be providing meals from 12.00 pm on Sunday’s. at the Club  The Sunday special will be a 300g rump steak, chips, salad and either a schooner of beer, a wine or a glass of sparkling for $20.00.  There will also be a choice of other dishes to choose from.  Meals are also available on Saturday from 4.30pm.  Come along and enjoy the new alfresco dining area.


Another two dedicated volunteers
Thanks Jill and John

jill-winter john-cunneeen


Friday at 6.00pm (5.45pm arrive).  Mike O’Mara will be running  a social twilight popstick drawn pairs.  Cost is $5.00.  Cash prizes.  Great fun in a casual environment.  Stay on for dinner after bowling.




Newsletter Article

February 14th 2017

Janice Paddick-Hoover

Thursday Men’s Bowls

Winners on plus 19 were G Winter, B Lees and K Holyoake.  The Runners/up on plus 17 were Roy Dolan, H Fischer and K Gibb.  The Consolation prize with plus 5 went to I Creagh, K Littlefair and B Hitsert whilst the MB on minus a lot went to W Dawson, W Hoover and J Tucker.

Final for Championship Pairs.  (newspaper article)

After some harsh heat for the bowling championships held at the Dunsborough & Districts Country Club it became wet, windy and miserable.

And the rains came for the Bootleg Brewery Men’s Championship Pairs Final which was scheduled to be a twilight game at the club.  It was a day when the Avon River was overflowing, when Collie was isolated, when Perth received a deluge.

The players suited up in their wet weather gear and the spectators settled back in relative comfort on the massive viewing platform to watch what turned out to be two great games.

The championship game was between Kevin Gibb and Butch Sharpe versus Mike Brown and Geoff Oddy and was to be played over 17 ends.  It was on the fourth end that the Gibb/Sharpe combination ran into trouble with great bowls from their opposition bringing home six shots and then that was followed up on the next end with another three.

However the stamina and attitude of Gibb and Sharpe enabled them to fight back and to get within three shots on the 13th end.   It appeared it was game on.  However Brown and Oddy displayed calm in the face of a tempest and drew another seven shots over the next two ends.  The game was over in a blink of an eye.  It was too much for Gibb and Sharpe and both congratulated Brown and Oddy on some magnificent draw shots.

On the rink next door the Plate was being played between last year’s pairs championship winners Ed Hoemberg and the ever young Kelly Allsop with their opposition being Merv Mott and Denis Frost who had literally driven back from Perth, jumped out of his car and onto the rink to play.

This was a game that no one could pick the winner.  No one got ahead more than one shot and both teams equally held that position.  Each member played extremely well and it became an exciting game to watch.  On the second last end Hoemberg held one shot to be in the lead once again.  It was the championship plate end and both teams were in it to win it.

However, something happened and out of the blue the Hoemberg team achieved five shots to be clear winners. It happened so quickly that some of the spectators even missed it.  The game ended in much cheers and jubilation.

The evening ended with sponsor Tom Reynolds from Bootleg Brewery making the awards and also congratulating all players as well as the match committee for an excellent decision in having a twilight finale.

Hadley’s Open Mens Fours played on Sunday February 12th.

Ten teams were entered.  There were a few hiccups with some people forgetting it was scheduled and ring-a-rounds were in the order.  Rob Pollard found some late volunteers, thanks to Bevan Badger and Andre Gil who stepped up.

After two games there was one team with two wins and two teams on a win and a draw each.  Games were played with a lot of background symphony with many children having a great deal of fun and laughter on the croquet greens.  Their parents were enjoying the late afternoon as well enjoying each other’s company with a few drinks.

Placings :        4th place went to Dennis Frost, Ben Tas, Terry South and Brian Marwick.

3rd place went to Tom Reynolds, Geoff Benn, Kevin Gibb and Garry Robinson

2nd and first placings were very tight with the second place going to the Collie team (with Brian Buttsworth) just one shot behind the Mike Brown team with Clint Kelly, Don Henderson and Geoff Oddy.

The shot of the day goes to Tom Ferguson of Broadwater.  His team was ahead of Mike Browns team with just two ends to go.  I thought they had it home and hosed and put my attention elsewhere.  On the second last end, and holding shot, Tom sent one down which took the jack back, trouble was it took the jack back to Browns bowls and they got seven!!  Tom told me about it later and it was confirmed by Mike.

Super Six Results.

First Div.  Frost lost, Pairs Brown/Mott won and triples lost.  3 points.  Team two G Davies lost singles, Tas and Williams lost pairs and T Reynolds, D Henderson and B Hitsert won.  3 points.

Div 2.  Butch won his singles, Hoover and DeBoer won the pairs, the triples of Gil, Holyoake and Littlefair lost.  6 points.

All of the next games will be at Dunsborough.

A reminder to each team that I need to have these results if you wish to see them in this newsletter.  Next Saturday all the results can be given to Wendell Hoover and he can bring them back to me.




Dunsborough : J.Kelly, H.Reynolds, M.Black & M.Armstrong played M/R Gold. Dunsborough 3 points, M/R Gold 2 points.

Dunsborough White:- Maureen Hines, Daisy Grist, Jem Coupar & J. Hoover, played Dunsborough Blue;- Sue Chester, J.Winter

Sharon Sharpe & Kate Speedy. Dunsborough White 6 points, Dunsborough Blue 0 points.

Playing off in the pennant final at Augusta on Tues 14th will be Augusta Gold and M/River Green.

Dunsborough was 4th with 47.25, Dunsborough White fifth with 45.5 and Dunsborough Blue 8th with 32.08.


Winners of the pairs competition were Jem Coupar and Daisy Grist with plus 22.

Runners up were Janice Hoover and Maxine Allum.

Wednesday 22nd will be the first round of the Championship triples..





The Golf Croquet section have completed their annual tournament. Sixteen players were involved.

Congratulations to the winner of the singles, Max Kewish, and to runner up, Glen Mackiewicz (pictured). David Chopping and Barbara Miller won the doubles.

Golf Croquet is played at 4pm on Wednesdays and 3pm on Fridays. Please be at the Club 15 minutes prior to the starting time. This form of Croquet is a good starting point for those interested in trying the game. Tuition is available.


Twilight Croquet

We extend a welcome to all visitors who would care to join us in a game of golf Croquet,  Friday evenings 5 pm for a 5.15  start, finish by 6.30 in time to enjoy a meal at the club

Equipment available cost $6.00.



Dunsborough & Districts Country Club

 Newsletter   Men’s Golf Section     14 February,2017                             

  (Ron Carmody –Capt)

 This week’s  games are on Wednesday and Saturday with names in by 12.45 for 1.00 pm Hit Off. 

 The weekend rain has revitalized the greens  as well as the fairways with the greens running smooth with just one scrape.  Try it this week players!

Last Saturday’s field was able to take advantage of this change.

 Vets Golf

The next Vets Games are at Busselton on Friday  24 and Friday March 3rd.

Indicate your preference on the board so we can send your registration in.

 Visitors Loan Buggies/Golf Sets

are now in the small shed for this purpose.

We will maintain several  sets on a trial basis  for several  weeks to see how this works out .

Further we are now set to reorganize the surplus buggies and carts in the main Golf Cart /Buggy Shed ,several of which are unidentified.

If you can help by clearly labelling/identifying your gear then we can proceed to remove /reorganise the surplus gear which has accumulated over the past year. Thanks in anticipation for your cooperation.

 Tennis Court Construction

Work is now under way for this project which will  see some movement of vehicles alongside No 1 and the No 1 Tee  with some traffic entry/exit  from Chapman St gate near our golf shed.

 The finished result will be a further asset to the DDCC.

 A Meeting of the Combined Men and Ladies Golf Committee is scheduled for  Tuesday 21 Feb. at 9.00 am 

Ian Potts has sent out our Golf Fees , Affiliation  etc which are now due, to all Members.

 DDCC Community Promotion will be at Coles this Saturday morning with all sections participating.  Wear your Club Shirt and give us some support if you have any time between 9.00 and 1.00.  Ron & Brian will be there.

 See you on the Tee.

 Ron Carmody




Friday night meals are available between 6.00 pm & 7.30 pm.

Friday Night Menu

17th February 2017


                             Fish and chips with tartar sauce and garden salad                            

      Crumbed pork cutlet, roast garlic and herb potatoes and Italian ratatouille   

                                     Beef lasagne with chips and garden salad                               

   Asparagus walnut and celery risotto served with garlic and blue cheese crisp bread



     Cost for two courses

$25 per person

Please advise of any dietary requirements prior to Friday.


To book your table Click Here

Friday Night Jackpot


The Jackpot Draw on Friday night was not won. This Friday night there will be two jackpot draws.  The first draw will be for $1000.  The second draw for $200.  Members must be financial and present to claim. The Jackpot is drawn between 5.30pm and 6.30pm in the Clubroom bar.

Keep Smiling!


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