Mountain Biking


The most recent addition to the Dunsborough and Districts Country Club is cycling.

Called the “Dunsborough Cycle Club”, it is a club dedicated to both mountain biking and road riding.

web_fav_MTB_sat_123A group of local cyclists and mountain bike riders teamed up with the Dunsborough & Districts Country Club in April of 2011 to develop a 10km cross-country mountain biking course around their 200 hectare golf course property. Built as an extension to the already long list of activities available at the Dunsborough & Districts Country Club the network of mountain biking trails provide opportunities for both novice and experienced riders to develop their mountain biking skills and fitness. The combining of 95% twisting single track and 5% open fire access roads the trail network makes best use of the natural terrain through the bushland of the property. After gaining planning approval from the City of Busselton in June of 2013, the club now has the basis of a quality mountain biking skills park that suits riders of all ages and abilities, not just the super fit cross country or extreme freestyle riders. It has plenty of potential to attract riders from all over the state to locally organized events or to tourism mountain bikers who simply want to visit Dunsborough to try out the course.


web_fav_MTB_sat_117Now named the “Dunsborough MTB Skills Development Park” the mountain bike skills park is attracting more and more local riders to take up mountain biking and the local cycling club aimed at riders of all ages (seniors to school children) has grown to now more than 150 members. The club also organizes plenty of club activities and rides along the local trails, cycleways and roads’. Our vision for the Dunsborough Cycle Club committee and members is to focus on the awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing within our community by developing many different cycle initiatives (including events) to a wide range of bike riders with our “Mission Statement” of “More people cycling in the southwest more often”. Our ultimate mission is to become a prominent south west cycling club with a strong and growing membership supported by cycling events, behaviour change programs and community initiatives that promote, advocate and encourage cycling in all its forms whilst building a strong cycling community of present and future club members.

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Clicking on the links below will take you away from this site and to the Cycling Club site, where you can find loads of information on group rides, mountain-biking trails, bike skills park, and much more.

You are welcome to join in on any of our group road-bike rides, or to pay a $5 user fee to go explore the mountain bike trails for up to 5 days.

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