Men’s bowls

Leader Second Third Skipper
White Gibb. K Davies. G Benn. G Hoemberg. E
  Winchcombe. R Henderson. D Mott. M Coyle. W
Plays Augusta Blue At Dunsborough
Blue Don. R Williams. C Tas. B Brown. M
  Sharpe. B Queckfeldt. H Gage. N Creagh. I
Plays Dunsborough Gold At Dunsborough
Gold De Boer. H Halden. J Winter. G Reynolds. T
  Fischer. H Badger. B Finney. M Hitsert. B
Plays Dunsborough Blue At Dunsborough
Red Nicholson. S Willcocks. P Hoover. W Palmer. T
Rowell. K Thomas. L Mawson. J South. T
Plays Nannup At Dunsborough

Men’s Bowls

All visitors (including capitated bowlers) are always welcome to join our social competitions.Non-affiliated visitors are welcome for a roll-up fee of $5.00 each (flat soled shoes or bare foot only).


Once a person has become an Ordinary member of the DDCC ($60) it costs a further $180 to include bowls in their membership. This includes WA Bowls Capitation fees.

As a visitor a charge of $5 Green fees is applicable.

The Men’s Bowls sporting section of the Club is very active & offers several bowling attractions.

During the Bowling season (November – April) a variety of Open Days are offered & these are featured in the Club’s Bowls Fixtures. For information regarding these events phone the Chairman, Rob Prentice on 0412 689 441.

Thursday Social bowls is very popular with our members & attracts many visitors from time to time throughout the entire year.

A fee of $8 is charged & players must nominate to play by 12.30pm. A “Pop Stick Draw” is applied & visitors are welcome. This Thursday event continues throughout the entire year, weather permitting. For further information contact Rob Pollard on 0409 106 576

         Tuesday Mixed Winter Fun Social Bowls runs throughout the winter season. A fee of $6 applies & players must nominate by 12.30pm for a 1.00pm start.

For further details contact either Geoff Oddy on 0419 046 120, Sharon Sharpe on 1488 568 595 or Butch Sharpe on 1417975 732.

         A Mixed Saturday Bowls event runs throughout the winter period. Again players must nominate by 12.30pm for a 1.00pm start & a small fee applies.

For further details contact Andre Gil 0434 929 455

         Visitors are most welcome to participate in all non-championship events or just to use the Greens. They are also welcome to use the Club’s facilities including a well-serviced bar & popular restaurant.

For further details contact the Club Manager Bruce Taylor 9755 3250.

Men’s Bowls Calendar