Membership Process

Our membership process is governed by the Club’s Constitution. You must be nominated by 2 club members to join the Club, which is followed by a 14-day posting on the Club notice board before being reviewed by the Committee.

If you do not know any current club members or need more information, please email for assistance or contact the manager at the Clubhouse on 9755 3250.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Four important steps to complete your membership application process:

  1. Go to our secure membership site.
  2. Enter your details and pay your membership fees.
  3. Your SUBMITTED membership application will then be posted on our club notice board for 14 days (as per our club constitution) prior to the NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS presentation at the monthly Club Management Committee for consideration.
  4. All Membership Applicants will be issued membership confirmations (via email) following acceptance at the monthly Club Management Committee Meeting.

View the membership fee structure

Note: Any unsuccessful applications will receive immediate 100% refunds.